Magnitude Angels

Il est impotant de percevoir combien votre propre bonheur est lié à celui des autres !
Dalaï Lama

When you invest with Magnitude, you choose to make a responsible and altruism investment.

You will be part of a true solidarity project !

Each time Magnitude builds a villa, we contribute to improving the local populations housing and quality of life.

Our aim is to help fragile and underprivileged people all over Bali.

We use our knowledge, our skills and our money to provide decent housing to the local people who have asked us for a better accomodation: they submit an application to our society and we select the people we are going to help in our aid programme. Respecting the people dignity is the very heart of this project.

Notre Mission

Proper housing for the most disadvanted populations.
Magnitude Angels deal with outrageous housing, that leads to social isolation, sanitary problems, withdrawal. This is one of the most important aspects of our interventions. Getting access to decent housing is indeed a clear step towards fulfillment and social integration.

Adapting the accomodation of people in need
Because of life accidents, of disease, of old-age, people may start losing their autonomy. Adapting their housing is central for us, as it will give them the opportunity to keep a normal social life.

Improving the well-being of the most fragile people
Magnitude Angels is committed to improving the quality of life of underpriviledged children. We upgrade their accomodation, give them proper housing and the ressources they need to grow up healthily and decently (healthy building, new beds, new mattresses, toys and clean clothing).




  • People in need submit a form on our website
  • Some village leaders come and submit projects directly in our offices.
  • We discuss each application with our team.
  • We choose the most urgent projects.
  • When you pay the deposit, we directly start collaborating on the project that has been selected.
  • We first visit the house with all the teams to evaluate which rehabilitation works are really needed.
  • We get to know the family better, in order to understand their lifestyle. In this way, we can adapt to their needs and create a personalized project.
  • Our architect designs 3D plans.
  • We support the whole family during the construction.
  • Our teams start working the day after the family left their place.
  • We cooperate with the most able person in the family, so that he/she can participate and help us avoid any mistake.
  • We organise the family move-in back to the rehabilitated house.
  • A film crew is present on the project from the beginning to the end. They will film the whole process and we will send a copy of the film to you.

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